Love Carries


"An older man marries a younger woman hoping she will cure him to bad effect!"


The original script was inspired by a song entitled Your Love Will Carry You Through written by Willow Hale, a well-known actor, director, songwriter, lyrist, singer, guitarist and all-around great performer. This beautiful song is the title song for the movie, we are proud to say, and sets the tone for the entire movie. Sonja Olson, the starring actor in this slice of life from a small rural town somewhere in the west, inspired the refinement of the writing to be formed into something more intriguing… more engaging. Both Willow and Sonja's efforts brought the movie into much deeper realms then was original intended and we thank them for it. What was originally intended to be a six scene short was expanded into a fourteen scene featurette spending more time developing the characters and their motivations to a much larger degree to the advantage to all.


The Crew

Written & Directed by: Walt Hochbrueckner

Co-Directed by: Willow Hale, Sonja Olson, Vera R. Taylor

First AD, Cinematographer: Christopher Woodring

Second AD, Cinematographer: Geoff Allison

Boom Operator, Soundman: John Nemec

The Talent (in Order of Appearance)

  • Sheriff Dan Gellman 
  • Joseph Abdo
  • Deputy Ron Danning 
  • Charlie Wood
  • Bert (Dutch) Schultz 
  • Walt Hochbrueckner
  • Louisa Vasquez 
  • Vera R. Taylor
  • Rev. Harold Smith 
  • Stewart Tain
  • Justine Schultz 
  • Sonja Olson
  • Joy Givens 
  • Willow Hale
  • Hope Springer 
  • Sandey Lock
  • Faith Leston 
  • Jaclyn Carmichael

Background Actors

  • Witnesses
  • Wendy Freeman
  • David Freeman

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